Saturday, February 3, 2007

PETA + Sentient Beings + Right Wing Blogs

The verdict came in today for the 2 PETA workers who dumped the bodies of the dogs and cats that they'd picked up at various shelters in North Carolina in 2005 and euthanized (killed) in their van - and instead of taking them back to the PETA headquarters to dispose of the bodies humanely - they dumped them in a grocery store dumpster.

They were found not guilty of cruelty to animals, but WERE found guilty of littering - and were each fined $1,000 for that plus some public service stuff. I got word of it because I'm subscribed to a couple of right wing blog feeds that I read very hesitantly because I know they're going to do nothing but turn my stomach when I click on the links and only confirm what I know to be true about their bullshit leanings - but tonight I was just completely pissed off and SAD about the fact that both the CAVEAT blog and DOG POLITICS blog seemed to revel in the fact that PETA were being punished for something - and had completely forgotten about the fact that a whole bunch of sentient beings had been dumped in a grocery store dumpster in 2005.

And the 2 PETA employees were convicted of littering for it. If those dogs and cats were humans - do you think those employee's would've been convicted of littering? Wouldn't it have been something closer to "gross indignity of a body"? Even if they weren't convicted of murder - because I'm not going to get into that argument - the PETA employees seemed to have completely forgotten that those bodies once housed a very special being that deserved to be treated a certain way.

There is so much pain and indignity and suffering in the world. Everything is treated way too lightly - and convicting someone for dumping animal carcasses in a public dumpster of littering is diminishing all of us in the same swath.

Selma and Barbara seem to have forgotten that what we are all writing about is dogs - and the betterment of their lives. Isn't that what we're writing about? Or is it really writing about who's more right. I think they may be writing about that and not actually about dogs. If that's the case - I think they should take all reference to dogs off their blogs. The smell of self-righteousness is giving me a migraine.

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