Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I Understand Now Why People Get Flu Shots

Almost immediately after I came back from Carroll's Corner on Sunday, the headaches I'd been having daily for the last several days were replaced by the worst headache of my life. I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't eat, I was sick to my stomach, my sinuses ached, I was stuffed up, I was coughing, and everytime I coughed I thought my head was going to explode.

I have never had the flu before in my life - so I've never seen the need to get a flu shot, but I think now I'll get a yearly shot. Today I had to drag myself out of bed because I had run out of dog food, so I also bought some flu drugs, so hopefully I'm on the mend now.

Buttercup has stayed by my side the whole time though. She is such a good companion. When I went to the grocery store I also stopped by Seaview for a couple minutes and let the dogs out of the car, and boy - did Buttercup ever have a lot of poop that she had stored up for the last couple days. It's amazing how hard it is on the dogs when the human is sick. At least it is on these dogs - they just very patiently lay there and stare at me until I get better.

The pictures below are of Buttercup ensconced on her pillows on the bed where's shes been for the last couple days watching over me. I think I should work a little harder at trying to stay healthy - if only for the dogs' sake. It's getting hard on the human too.

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