Friday, December 22, 2006

Zeus Wins in Guysborough!

The Cameron's have won their very long battle with the municipality in the district of Guysborough here in Nova Scotia, and the battle with breed specific legislation has been given another kick into the can. The judge in their case has found the legislation to be unconstitutional and their case in particular to be reprehenible.

I don't have all the fact of the case yet - but suffice it to say - the Cameron's are going to have a VERY merry Christmas - with ALL the members of their family close around them. And that includes their companion animals.

All is right with the world at this very moment. Hurrah!


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Yes...all is right and just in the world, for that family. It'll be great when the rest of Canada is made to pay for the injustices inflicted upon innocent dog owners and their hapless pets.

    When the Ontario law is overturned, I hope dog owners will sue like there's no tomorrow.

  2. I hope no dogs are made victims of injustice anymore..all should njoy this xmas with fun n frolic!!

    merry xmas

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Awesome news! Hooray for Zeus (who should have been grandfathered from that law in the first place, regardless of what breed(s) the municipality think he is).

    Lisa, Delta, Duncan, Oscar

  4. Anonymous2:52 PM

    The manner, in which Warden Hines used the power of his office and the tax payer’s money to personally attack the Cameron’s and their animals, is simply unacceptable.

    I’m not upset at the fact that the municipality took this matter seriously. I am upset that the office of the Warden has acted with wilful and malicious intent.

    Are the counsellors as fearful of this man as the citizens are? Perhaps we should end the process of having councillors elect a Warden and put it to a free vote of the citizens.

    I look forward to seeing how much this prosecution has cost us.