Saturday, December 23, 2006

Something to do in case your dog gets lost

I've always been a smidge paranoid that one of the dog's might get separated from me somehow when we're out walking in the woods. Even though they all stick very close together to me you can never know what might happen - and I've always worried what might happen if - especially Teddy - got separated from me, and someone found him, he bit them - and what they might do to him before I was able to get him back. The results could be catastrophic for him.

My friend Netta who runs the rescue Animal Rescue Coalition just happens to have one of those fabulous machines that they have in those heinous pet stores that sells live animals :) that makes dog tags - she'll make them for $5 each and the money goes to their rescue - and she can do text on both sides of the tag. So that's what I did for all 4 of my guys - I got my address and phone number on one side, and then I set up a web page and got that on the other side - - which explains what the site is for, outlines the peculiarities of each of my dogs, and what to do with each dog until I can go collect them.

If I ever were to leave town with them - I'd change the site before I left to reflect my travel plans and how I could be reached while we're on the road.

I think it's a pretty good idea and gives more information than I could possibly give on a tag - and a lot more cost effective than a microchip or a tag that you send away to pay for a service fee that does the same thing.

You should also look around the Animal Rescue Coalition website - they've got lots of good stuff for sale - with all the proceeds going to their rescue.

What do you think of Buttercup's fancy new collar? Shiny, eh? Rhinestone studded and purple velvet. Fancy! She's also got a new polar fleece coat that I bought from Hounds around Town - I'll have to take a picture of her when we're out for our next walk. She looks better than the hunkiest ski instructor at Folly Mountain - I AM SURE!


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Buttercup looks like a Princess as always!


    She's still a bitch though.


  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    And btw, what an AWESOME idea, putting their bios on a webpage and getting those tags. Perfect!


  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hi Joan,
    I've sent an email(from one of your frequent reader),maybe you did not get it or think that it's a spam...My email adress is at you don't mind, i'll resent it to you.
    Incontestablement, the webpage coupled with the medal is a brilliant idea!