Saturday, November 11, 2006

This one's for you Jennifer Tanner!

So I'm not only crazy about dogs - I'm also crazy about fish. It all started years ago when I was at a Secretary's Day luncheon and they used a live GOLDFISH as a table decoration. I was horrified. I ended up taking the fish home instead of them just flushing it down the toilet, I spent about $200 on a tank for that one fish - and the rest is history - much to my parents eternal dismay.

It's not bad enough that they're going to be sharing the family burial plot with dogs and cats and a couple rats - but FISH? I mean, come on Joan! (I am planning on having my ashed mixed with those of my companion animals when I die - and that includes my favourite fish that I've had along the way - and woe and behold we have a family burial plot - my Mom says I'm going to be buried at my Dad's FEET - which is OK with me).

But anyway - my current crop of fish includes these white cloud minnows - and I've had them for over a year and they've been very placid happy things - and lately they've been acting like siamese fighting fish with each other - flaring up their fins - like I didn't even realize they could flare up their fins like this! haha! It's so cute! If you notice in the video - the tank looks almost empty - except for that pokey female guppy - but when this is going on everyone gets the h-e-double hockey sticks out of there. It is just too cute! I wonder what's going on?

White cloud minnows are egg layers - so I haven't had any babies with them - unlike my platys and guppies - from whome I've had HUNDRED'S of babies - who I take to my friend who has a fish store. I guess they're feeling a bit Randy...

Enjoy the video anyway!

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