Monday, November 13, 2006

EXCELSIOR! We found Colpitt Lake!

Well today we finally found it - we found Colpitt Lake out here in Spryfield - and it was worth it. I loved it there. It was awesome. What a great walk it was. It was really funny too - because I have absolutely no sense of direction so I always tend to follow Charlie because he seems to be able to know where the paths are - but today I said to him "I don't think the path is there - I think it's over here" when we first arrived. And wouldn't you know when we were leaving that the path we left on (which was the proper path that we found part way through the walk) - was the way that Charlie had tried to get me to follow when we first arrived! Charlie is SO good with paths and I am SUCH an idiot! haha! When you don't have a sense of direction you should always follow your dog!

We will definitely being going back to Colpitt Lake on a regular basis - although I've been told that there's coyotes there - so maybe we won't be going there after dark - Teddy and Buttercup would be a nice snack for them.

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