Saturday, October 14, 2006

"We are SO bored, we cannot tell you..."

That's what I think Charlie and Daisy were trying to tell me today when I looked up from my computer at one point and I saw them both laying on the couch and I hadn't paid any attention to them for like 10 minutes in a row. They looked just SO bored I don't know if they were going to live through the afternoon.

Having multiple dogs is no good for them entertaining each other - they all still look to the human(s) for the entertainment, unfortunately. They play with each other - AND the human - but they still need the human to be the centre. That sucks for the dogs when the human wants to do human stuff. And sucks for the human too. It sometimes makes for good pictures though!

Tonight for some excitement we went to the (dog) grandparents house for supper and they got some excitement there. Daisy got to see if she could get some food from another person (it didn't work out for her) and Teddy got to hang out on my lap in a different chair for awhile. He was pretty happy about that.

We also got to see Buttercup on the television - on the channel that shows what shows are coming up in the next hour is an ad for "Metro Dog Wash" - and in that ad is a picture of Buttercup! Since I don't have cable I hadn't seen the ad yet - so we left the channel on channel 8 while I was there - it took an HOUR for the ad to scroll through - but it finally did, and I took a picture of the screen. Buttercup is such a STAR! haha!

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  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Dogs might be bored but mommy's not. Thank you joan very much for handcrafting items for our benefit auction. You are always there no matter what...

    angela :)