Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So much stuff to update!

I've been under the weather the last few days with a pro-dome, headache, and post-dome - and I think I'm heading back into another pro-dome, so I better type fast!

First for the good news!
That neat on-line doggie expo/seminar that I listened to over the week garnered me some free stuff! I entered Daisy's fabulous picture in one of the photo contests they were having and she won! How could she not, though? haha! I won a book that was written by one of the experts who was presenting during the weekend and a cd - so when I receive my prize I'll post again what the stuff actually is. I'm excited. I never win anything. I did get links to a bunch of new blogs that I'd never heard of previously though that you should check out though - here are some of them:

From time to time you're going to see this guy or some derivation of this theme pop up for absolutely no reason whatsoever except for the fact that it makes me feel better. Very passive aggressive of me. In breeding and line breeding has gotten completely out of control these days. And we're all made to suffer for it.

Charley's Mom and Delta, Oscar, and Duncan't Mom left a comment after they saw my video of the dog's at Conrad's beach that they wanted directions to get there so they could take THEIR dogs there too. You've obviously never driven with me - because I get lost everywhere I go! haha! I'll give it a try though. Conrad's is actually attached to Lawrencetown beach - so if you know how to get there - disregard these instructions and head for Lawrencetown beach - but BEFORE you get to Lawrencetown beach - look for a street sign that says "Conrad Road" - turn right there - and at the end of that road is Conrad's beach.

If you don't know where Lawrencetown beach is - it's over in Dartmouth. You need to get yourself a map and find the "Cole Harbour Road" - if you take it outbound it turns into highway 207 - Not very far out - about 10 minutes - you'll see a community centre on your left. Once you see it - it's too late. You've already gone by Conrad's Road - because that road is directly on the right! haha! Sorry - you should've slowed down there so you can turn right. And at the end of Conrad's road is the beach. No one goes there to go to the beach because it's full of seaweed and junk and the rip tide is so awful and the water is too cold and Lawrencetown is right next door. So take your dogs there and have fun!

Here are a couple pictures of the dog Shiloh that I talked about a couple days ago - he has been living in a cage for the last 6 years - these pictures are with his new family and with his foster saviour dad Jeff. So far he's doing super. And he's free. Isn't that awesome? Maybe there is a God.

On the "God" note - I was reading a book review that struck me that I had to share for the more airy fairy readers. It was a book review of a book called "Lessons from Lucy about Loving God" and it reads: theologians such as St. Augustine and St. Francis have declared taht God speaks through His creation. Author and journalist Wendy Murray Zola agrees: "I believe dogs are angels of a sort...They have lessons
to share, if we allow ourselves eyes to see them." Lucy, a sixty-pound Lab-Boykin Spaniel mix, has a divine way of reminding Wendy to slow down, reflect, and enjoy the sublimity of God's creation. Likewise, when we allow ourselves to see our pets as heaven-sent messengers, we will experience our pets and our lives with a deeper appreciation. Beautifully illustrated by Carla Sonheim, this book shows pet lovers a
new way to learn from God's angelic, four-legged teachers."

I love the line "God speaks through his creation" - how can you shackle and abandon and kill any living that God has created so that it can speak to you? If you believe in God and you have a conscience - how can you do it? I don't understand. I'd really like to ask someone who DOES believe in God and who HAS abused an animal how they've reconciled the two.

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