Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OT: Some News Items Stop you in your Tracks

I was reading the paper tonight - well catching up on the last few day's papers because I hadn't been able to read any small print when I came across this piece - you'll probably have to click on the picture itself so that you can bring up the jpg picture in order to read the actual print - it's about this lady who died a few week's ago from breast cancer and was kept alive by modern medicine so that she could successfully give birth to her child. But imagine the pain that is going on in the head of her husband - the father of this baby in this photo. He has lost his wife and his child has just been born. He is grieving his beautiful wife and witnessing the birth of his beautiful child. I can't imagine the emotion that he's going through. Saying good-bye to his wife and hello to his child. Which do you do first. This is a photo that should be stuck on a person's fridge to remind yourself that day to day pain is nothing compared to struggles that some people face.

I talked last year about about a picture I'd found of a child that was being watched by a vulture in Africa that had really affected me - well this is another picture that has really affected me. Photos really are amazing sometimes. Almost as amazing as dogs.

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