Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Dog Legislation Council of Canada AGM

I was super privileged to go the first ever annual general meeting of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada yesterday in Dartmouth. It was held at the end of the Halifax Kennel Club weekend since several members of the Council were in town for that and several other members just happen to live here.

Unfortunately not enough members were present to have a quorum - but lots of interesting stuff was talked about none-the-less. Needless to say, I pretty much kept my mouth s-h-u-t. I only opened my mouth to stuff in as much of the free food as I could fit into my body in the time allotted. I did however sneak in a couple of pictures - mostly however of the dogs present - because that's what I care about - haha!

Suffice it to say that the DLCC has been, and will continue to be the most important organization in this country of ours (that being CANADA) that is keeping us all in the know and at the forefront as a base of knowledge of all things anti-BSL, and as a first responder when a community starts to make noises that they are thinking about passing legislation that smacks of BSL. The DLCC will be there with bells on to give solid, lucid, concrete, irrefutable, information that will knock the socks off of any government organization thinking of passing any kind of back-water, 19th century legislation. Guaranteed. IMHO of course...

Before we left for the meeting Pickle the english bull terrier and Ursa the rottweiller had to show us just how fierce and dangerous they are! Pickle likes to suck on all the dog's ears and stick her snout in all the dog's mouths. This is how her sister Ursa reacts. With the widest of rottweiller smiles - she can ALMOST fit Pickle's face in her mouth!

Harry the golden retriever also wanted to let us all know that it's not about pit bulls and rottweillers - it's also about him - because breed banning is about RESPECT for ALL dogs. Harry is staying with Ursa and Pickle at the moment.

A long shot of some of the humans at the AGM meeting...

You got any of that steak I've been smelling?

You must have some steak, eh?

I am never going to get me any of that steak!

Yeah, I just had some steak, and man, it was good...I heard it came from an organic farmer up in Bible Hill! It was worth it too!
There was a big bonfire at the after-dinner festivities - I didn't know they got it started with this bottle of Hennessy though! haha!


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