Wednesday, August 9, 2006

A Fascinating Ant I met on Sunday

I was at my parent's cottage on Sunday and I saw this ant on top of their microwave and he was carrying this little fleck of bread. He was going around and around the top of the microwave carrying this thing and he let me take all kinds of pictures of him so that I could get a couple of really nice clear ones. Wasn't that nice of him?

The dogs weren't too impressed because I'd been in the middle of serving out their supper and I had stopped right in the middle of it with no explanation to them, so there they were all just staring at me and I was just taking pictures of the top of this microwave for no reason whatsoever as far as they could tell - and their supper was just sitting there on the side table and they couldn't get to it and I wasn't giving it to them and they couldn't understand why. A dog's life is very difficult some days. I hope this ant made it back to his house with the piece of bread intact.

These pictures are a blow up of the actual picture of the ant and then the picture I took it from. Megapixels are everything these days - and I LOVE 7.1 megapixels....

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