Monday, July 3, 2006

A couple posts to my other blogs

Buttercup's nose - sort of Posted by PicasaI made a couple posts to my other blogs today if you're interested - I found a very nice adirondack chair and posted it to my dumpster diving blog and it's now become my official "whittling" chair - which is the subject of the photo of THIS post - that's Buttercup's nose - which I'm using as the design for a cane that I'm making. I collect sticks when we go out walking in the woods - and NO I am NOT a hoarder....okay....maybe I am a little bit, but I've got it firmly under control....just DON'T go down into my basement, or my shed....or under my deck. And it's only buoys, and sticks, and about 1,000 other specific things.

Anyway - the post is at

The other post is to my Buddhism for Companion Animals blog - and it's called "Doggie Zen" - and it's a really neat little training thing that you can do - with or without a clicker, that's also a little buddhist lesson. It's at

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