Thursday, June 8, 2006

A Whole Continent Away from me

Sometimes pictures can affect you. I got this picture of Bronson last week. He'd been in a shelter somewhere in Los Angeles since May 31st. Where in Los Angeles I have no idea because I'm living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. But this picture.... what a picture, eh?

But appearantly there's a very vibrant chow rescue community in either California - or at least the Los Angeles area - because the couple chows that I've had exposure to through my work - and it was thought initially that Bronson was blind, so that's how I found out about him - and lo and behold, he's now been rescued and is in a foster home. Which is SUPER! But now is where the hard part starts, because a picture like that means he's a pretty sick dog who's had a hard life and obviously spent some time on his own. I was happy to hear that his fur looked that way because it had been shaved to remove mats.

Which is another reason why the internet is amazing - this dog is on the other side of the continent and I can talk to someone who knows stuff about him. Isn't that amazing? And I can also contribute money directly to his care - which I did, because - as I said - pictures like this don't come along too often. And it's also not too often that pictures of dogs like this actually make it out ALIVE. And somebody stood up and said that Bronson deserves to LIVE. Which I think is awesome.

So even though Charlie had a very expensive surgery this week and is going to have ongoing vet bills - I gave some money to Bronson's rescue organization for his vet care - because I'm impressed that they saved him. Because I think he was worth saving.

You can say thank-you too - they only need about $500 in total and they already have more than $200 I think. Their organization is at Bronson's Petfinder ad is currently at

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