Monday, June 19, 2006

Truro, Nova Scotia - LOVE Your Dogs!!!!!

Dogs need to run. I can't think of any intelligent person on this earth that could disagree with that sentence. Not everyone likes dogs. Some people are afraid of dogs. Some people hate dogs. I don't particular like teenagers and I am in fact quite afraid of some teenagers. Does that mean that because I am afraid of teenagers that teenagers should be banned in Nova Scotia?

If I could get 2,000 people to sign a petition to ban teenagers in Nova Scotia - do you think I could make it happen? Just because I'm afraid of teenagers and I don't think I should have them around me at any time? What do you think? That's preposterous, right?

Okay, I'm going on a tangent now. That's got nothing to do with anything.

There's been an article in the Truro newspaper about off-leash parks - and how the opportunity to have one has been turned down.

The whole article galls me - but there are 2 sections that PARTICULARLY made me want to vomit:

"Parks are for people," said Coun. Greg MacArthur. "I'm strongly against having this in the park."

Parks are for people..... that makes me cringe. He is excluding 80% of my family! Who in the h-e-double hockey sticks does he think he is? And I think the squirrels and the raccoons might have something to say to him as well. And does he think that people are taking their dogs to parks so that they can run them off-leash JUST so that they can ATTACK people?

"All it takes is one attack," said Coun. Raymond Tynes.

Another doozy....All it takes is one attack - and then what. All the dogs in Truro will be taken out of their houses and shot? All it takes is one attack and then it's ruined for every dog in North America? Do you know what I say to that? And pardon my French here - what I say to that is, bullshit.

What I have to say to this article is - PLEASE Truro - PLEASE - join the 21st century and realize that dog owners do in fact pay their taxes like everyone else in your fine jurisdiction and they do in fact have rights to facilities just like all the other people who pay taxes. Their dogs are their family members just as much as their 2 footed family members - and their feet make no different messes. Dogs that get proper exercise make much better members of society - you'll find that the dogs of Truro will be a lot easier to take care of if you give them proper facilities to have a good quality of life.

EVERYONE deserves a good quality of life. Humans AND DOGS. There's enough room for all of us. Really there is.

Here's the article that was in their newspaper - guffaw wherever you feel you need to:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Leashes mandatory for park-bound dogs
Council nixes bid for space to allow dogs to run free

By john christianson

It's not going to be a walk in the park for dog owners who want space in the Town of Truro for their pets to run free.

Town council has rejected a plan to designate a portion of Victoria Park as an off-leash area for dogs.

"Parks are for people," said Coun. Greg MacArthur. "I'm strongly against having this in the park."

Council asked the recreation department to explore the idea of an off-leash area.

The first proposal, which was rejected at the last council meeting, would allow dogs to be off-leash in the upper woodlands, including Serpentine Drive which ultimately connects to the parking lot at Victoria Pool.

Council thought this was too close to well-travelled park roads and the neighbouring Burnyeat Street residential area.

The latest proposal would have allowed dogs to run free in the far upper reaches of the park from dawn until 11 a.m. during a one year-trial period. However, councillors were worried about possible attacks and scared pedestrians.

"All it takes is one attack," said Coun. Raymond Tynes.

Deputy Mayor Charles Cox said it would make more sense to have an off-leash area in a field where a walker could have a clear view, eliminating a surprise encounter with a dog running free through the woods. "It can be a very scary thing to come around a corner and see a dog without a leash."

Coun. Dianne Bennett-Cook said there is need for an off-leash area in Truro but there aren't a lot of suitable locations.

The dikes along the Salmon River and property north of the Truro Mall are not town-owned and cannot be designated off-leash areas.

Recreation director Doug MacKenzie said a subcommittee of his department is looking at other options and will submit a report at the July 11 recreation committee meeting.

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  1. I was in Truro once, many years ago, and remember it as being quite lovely. My great-aunt lived there -- she just passed away last month. I guess that means I have other relatives there as well, at least some cousins.

    In any case, can't the town just buy some chain link fence?! Put up a fence. Put gates in a couple of places. Voila, dog park. People can walk through if they choose, but others can avoid it. It seems hard to believe they can't find any suitable parkland in which to put a simple dog park.