Friday, June 9, 2006

The Nova Scotia Lab Rescue Auction was tonight

Tonight was the annual dinner and auction for the Nova Scotia Lab Rescue at the Timberlea Tavern out in - you guessed it - Timberlea. The place was absolutely packed as you can tell from the below pictures, and I think a good time was had by all. Trish Pittman - who is the lady who started the rescue and is the force behind the organization and the person who is somehow able to hold it all together thinks that they raised almost $3,000 tonight, which is almost twice as much as they raised last year - so she had a big smile on her face at the end of the night!

I know I had a good time - the food was the great, the company was even better -
I also got to sit with a lady named Adele who I've emailed with before, but never met - so it's always neat to put faces to websites and emails. She's obviously miles and miles ahead of me sewing wise - she makes leashes and collars and bandana's and stuff and sells them on Ebay - and also at Metro Dog Wash where I sell my liver.

And then the ultimate serendipity - who is sitting at my table? The fellow who owns and runs K-9 Orthotics! Can you imagine what luck it is to have your dog go through an ACL surgery and then 4 days later to meet a fellow who makes braces for dog's who've had ACL surgery? I know SOMEBODY who's going to get an email tonight! haha!

The auctioneer doing a super job of pumping up the crowd and Trish Pittman being the model and holding up stuff! I'd say she burned quite a few calories tonight!
A view of the table with some of the stuff up for auction - there were almost 60 things up for auction.
A crowd shot - see that lady laughing in the middle? Her name is Dee and she outbid me all night long. She got a LOT of good stuff that should have been mine!
This is a shot of my table without me at it! Janet is chatting up my orthotics man - THAT'S where I should have been sitting!

I DID successfully bid on one thing though... you like? haha!


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