Monday, April 24, 2006


The weather here in Halifax was absolutely beautiful all weekend and what did I do? I chose to tear up 10 layers of linoleum off my living room floor instead of doing my usual thing of dragging the dogs to hell and back enjoying the outdoors.

One ting I DID learn was that it's a lot harder to hold a dog and tear up linoleum and nails and carpet tack than it is to paint walls and moulding and hold a dog at the same time. Teddy is always teaching me something new every day! haha!

These pictures here show you what the finished floor look like after I lifted all the linoleum off it and everyone's having a wrestle. It's obviously had a lot of living done to it - and it's going to have a lot more done on it now. My house is very old. I'm going to sand the wood floors and stain it dark - because wood should be painted or stained dark in my opinion. I like this picture because Buttercup is just about to go into a very deep hump. The other picture is of a poster of biscuits that was used as filler between the linoleum. I'd say it's at least 40 years old. Pretty neat, eh?

So tonight was when I chose to give the dogs some exercise - not this weekend when it was beautiful and sunny - tonight when it was pissing rain - and we went to Seaview. But once again the dogs didn't notice, and had a good time anyway. I got a hilarious shot of Charlie and Daisy - they are so funny when they're wrestling.

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