Sunday, March 12, 2006

Peter Duffy made me cry today

I never write in to the newspaper about anything but dogs - I have a strict policy against it because I think that you have to know about your subject in order to get published, but today Peter Duffy was just absolutely horrible. I don't think I need to preface anything, because I've already talked about Trevor Greene - and if you live in Canada, or if you've heard about the country of Afghanistan - you already know what's going on.

Here's what Peter Duffy said:

So who exactly was it who took an axe to that Canadian soldier in Afghanistan? Was it a member of the Taliban, as our military insists, or was it a youngster who was offended by outsiders riding roughshod over tribal traditions? Either way, the army needs to remind troops of that simple-but-invaluable truth that all Canadian teens learn after their first visit to a tavern: always, always sit with your back to the wall!

That blather does not need to be in print. If Peter Duffy needs to fill inches in his column why doesn't he just talk about how awful his own life is, instead of talking about his own incorrect vision of the world. It's just bad.

So this morning I wrote one of my letters:

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Date: Mar 12, 2006 8:54 AM
Subject: Letter to the Editor - Peter Duffy Made Me Cry Today

Normally I only write letters to your paper in relation to dogs - that's all I care about, and to venture outside one's expertise can quite often make one look foolish. Mr. Duffy shows us that week after week.

But today Mr. Duffy made a comment about a friend of mine - one who's very life depends on the whole of Canada's positive energy being directed towards him. I went to University for three years with (now Captain) Trevor Greene. So when Mr Duffy writes "Was it a member of the Taliban, as our military insists, or was it a youngster who was offended by outsiders riding roughshod over tribal traditions?......always, always sit with your back to the wall!" Mr Duffy is saying #1 some protocol was broking by Captain Trevor Greene and #2 he was trying to make a very lame joke - and this morning as I was eating my toast that brought tears to my eyes because that is absolutely not what Trevor needs.

There is no doubt in my mind that Trevor is a consummate soldier of the highest order and was following all the rules laid out by his commanding officer and the same time showing the greatest compassion for every human being in that room - including the young Taliban man who tried to kill him with the axe who came up from behind him. There is no humour whatsoever in Trevor's situation currently, and no second guesses should be made either. The city of Halifax is full of people who personally know Trevor Greene and know him to be an amazing man who if he had been attacked from the front would have had an entirely different outcome.

Our Canadian troops need positive press - and our wounded soldiers need even more - our undying gratitude and thanks - not sarcasm!

Joan Sinden
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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