Sunday, March 5, 2006

I finally got to meet Zeus and Sandy!

Zeus and Sandy are the dogs who Lloyd Hines are trying to kill up in the municipality of the district of Guysborough up in Guysborough county. I've dedicated my "Skip Guysborough" site to them - which is a website that I built because the municipality of the district of Guysborough has breed bans on both rottweillers and pit bulls, and it is a very small section of Nova Scotia and is really not indicative of our province at all and can be skipped very easily - so as a politically minded dog owner, why spend any of your hard earned tourist dollars there at all? It's just as easy to drive another 5 minutes and spend it in the VERY dog friendly municipality of the district of St. Mary's which is ALSO in Guysborough County. The district of Guysborough actually SEEKS out and trys to kill dogs as shown in the case of Zeus and Sandy which I believe is REPREHENSIBLE and needs to be told to the world!

Well yesterday I discovered that they are as spectacularly super dogs as everyone has said they are. They are - and especially Sandy - happy, well adjusted, normal, house dogs - as you'll ever come across. I of course took Buttercup with me and Sandy was wagging his tail and Buttercup was growling and saying "I want to kill you" and Sandy was saying "you are cute, do you want to play?"

I should mention that the ban in Guysborough was not caused by any incident in that area - but simply based on the whim of the Councillor Lloyd Hines and his hate for dogs, and the current court action of Sandy and Zeus is not based on their genetic heritage - because Sandy is absolutely not a pit bull - as you can tell in these pictures - he is most certainly a lab mix, or a rhodesian ridgeback mix, or a hound mix, but he doesn't have any of the features consistent with the "look" of any of the breeds normally associated with breeds that fall under the umbrella of the pit bull - because we, as savvy dog owners ALL know that pit bull is in fact not one breed - there is no such thing as a pit bull, right? It is a term that generally refers to a look, and a type - and not a breed of dog. And Sandy definitely does not fall under that moniker. Zeus - when I looked at him yesterday is HUGE! He is some kind of a mastiff mix. Pit bull types of generally smaller with wide chests - and his chest was very narrow. He had a huge head and a small chest. Very mastiffy. And very beautiful.

But I got some great pictures - I posted them at

If you don't feel like going there though, here's a couple of them!

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