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BRAVO To Danny Williams the Premier of Newfoundland!

Danny Williams - the premier of New-fin-land - as Larry King called it tonight on his tv show - did a SUPER job defending the east coast of Canada against Heather Mills McCartney and her husband in their war to bring a pox upon the people of Atlantic Canada.

For the first few minutes that Danny Williams was on I didn't know if he was going to do it - he was stammering and not sticking up for himself - but then all of a sudden - WHAM - he just stuck it to them with all barrels. And then funnily enough - he used all my arguments - which was awesome.

I knew he was a scrapper, so when I heard he was going on Larry King Live with them I though - "right on, he's going to eat them alive!" - and by the end of the show - all Heather and Paul were doing was the equivalent of "oh yeah - well, says YOU!" - they were totally beaten down and had been totally blown away by Danny as far as I'm concerned. He met all their arguments with the truth and all they could say was - "well, animals are going to do in 3 weeks and that's all there is to it."

But the thing is, Heather and Paul - millions and millions of animals die every day in the "service of man" - it's just that it happens behind closed doors. You say that seals die only because of fashion so that's why it's so inhumane - but where in the h-e-double hockey sticks does LEATHER come from?

Here's an article from - it's got links to some video interviews with Danny Williams - and also Paul McCartney videos that were on Canadian telivision today:

McCartneys 'misinformed' on seals: N.L. premier
Updated Fri. Mar. 3 2006 11:13 PM ET News Staff

Scrappy Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams faced off against rock legend-turned-animal rights crusader Paul McCartney during a heated debate on Canada's annual seal hunt Friday night, accusing the former Beatle and his wife of being gravely misinformed.

"First of all, the information that hasn't been given is that 90 per cent of these seals are killed by bullets, they are not all clubbed," Williams said in a debate that aired on CNN's Larry King Live, as Heather Mills McCartney shook her head in apparent disbelief.

She was quick to respond by challenging the premier's argument.

"It's just not true, it's complete and absolute rubbish," she said. "Most of them are shot and clubbed .... And they only use the one bullet, again, because it's used for fur, it's not used for any other thing."

But Williams defended his argument to assert that Mills McCartney was incorrect and that he needed to "set the record straight."

"I live here and I actually know. There is an unfair comparison here that if you go into a beef slaughterhouse or a pork slaughterhouse or a chicken slaughterhouse and you put white sheets down on the floor, well then you are going to see blood," he said.

"If you take the McCartneys' arguments to the extreme that they are willing to go, there will be no beef slaughter, there will be no pork slaughter, there will be no chicken slaughter, there will be no fish in restaurants, there will be no eggs, there will be no milk for children," Williams said.

But Williams was interrupted by Mills McCartney who once again rejected his claims as "rubbish" and accused the premier of going off on a tangent.

At one point, the debate erupted into a shouting match, with Williams saying the McCartneys' efforts would close restaurant chains, while the McCartneys insisted that they were trying to keep them open.

Great Big Sea's Doyle weighs in

Meanwhile, Newfoundland musician Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea added his voice to the hunt debate saying the McCartneys' photo op on the ice is misleading and unfair.

"There has not been a cute and cuddly baby seal hunt in a long, long time," Doyle said in a journal entry from the group's current tour, pointing out that Canada has banned the killing of newborn, whitecoat pups.

"Older harp seals are what the sealers are after, but I'll bet these much uglier dudes won't make the final photo."

The McCartneys have garnered two days of intense media attention for their protest of the hunt.

The couple frolicked with harp seal pups on a Gulf of St. Lawrence ice floe Thursday as a throng of photographers recorded the event.

Wearing orange survival suits, they lay on their bellies to get as close as possible to the newborn seals as an entourage of about three dozen media and animal rights activists stood by.

They issued a statement on the same day calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ban the hunt, which they described as a "stain on the character of the Canadian people."

"Previous Canadian governments have allowed this heartbreaking hunt to continue despite the fact that the majority of its citizens ... are opposed to it,'' the McCartneys said in a statement.

McCartney follows in the footsteps of other stars who have protested the seal hunt including Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson.

In fact, the protest drew Bardot from seclusion Friday to criticize the hunt.

"Seal hunters are killers," Bardot told Montreal all-news channel, LCN. "Your country is a rich country and you are setting an appalling example for the world."

Meanwhile, federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn made it clear the Canadian government wasn't intimidated from the high-profile duo.

"If Paul McCartney thinks that he is going to stop the seal hunt, ahead of him there's a long and winding road, Hearn" said from Paris, where he is attending an international conference.

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