Sunday, March 26, 2006

Any Suggestions?

I was out in my back yard yesterday futzing around and there was a little hole back by my shed and I saw something white so I started digging and came upon this thing. I dug up this much and stopped - when I push it up the shed moves - so it's big enough that the other end is UNDER the shed. So if I were to remove it I'd have to move my shed. That is a major undertaking. So my inclination to rebury the thing.

What do you think it is? I think it may be the front from an old fridge. Or maybe the top of an old freezer? My property is completely filled with 40 years - or more of garbage. It an urban archeologists dream place. Yesterday while I was out there I dug up a couple of ancient Coke bottles, numerous liquor bottles, a garbage bag full of old name it, my back yard has it - so far I've found 2 buried cars that I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them once I get to that section of my yard.

I've also recently discovered that I've got at least one cubby-hole rock place where a bunch of feral cats are living. And I think everyone who reads my blog knows that I have 4 dogs living with me! Those are some brave cats!

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