Friday, January 20, 2006

Teddy says - "DUDE, I feel so BAD for you!!"

It's like Teddy's looking up at Buttercup and saying - I'm glad it's you and not me!

The first time I saw one of those carry your dog as a piece of luggage contraptions years ago I've wanted one - the idea just really appealed to me - it's such a neat and tidy idea. I also have a great weakness for purses, and bags and am on a life long quest for the perfect wallet - of which I have yet to find.

So when I was at Global Pets today - which is the best place to buy that kind of stuff locally because they don't sell live animsl - and saw that they had some of those carriers that allow you to carry your dog as a purse - I was able to tick off that item from my list of "I'm going to find one of those some day". I had gotten a gift card for Christmas for Global - and was saving it for something good - and this seemed like just the ticket.

So I brought the thing home and put it on my most obliging and beautiful of delicate soulmates. And I don't think she had the same reaction that I did:

I mean, talk about a limp dish rag. I don't think a dog has ever spoken any louder with their body language in the history of canine-human communication.

This dog that does not want to be on the ground at all - does not want to be a piece of luggage either! She just wants to be carried around in my arms all the time because she likes the attention and the body contact I guess - but having her 4 legs poking out of the bottom of the fabric container is not her idea of a good time. And I paid $50 bucks for this thing! So I guess I'll take it back tomorrow and trade it in for something equally useless but more wanted by the dogs - like bones and toys.

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