Saturday, December 10, 2005

Winter Wonderland

So we DID have a big snowstorm last night. I'm spending the day today in the back yard and inside the house packing up stuff to go into the basement because I'm REFUSING to shovel - we're supposed to get 30mms of RAIN tomorrow - which is going to get rid of a lot of this snow. So it'll probably make shovelling a complete waste of time.

I did shovel the back deck for the dogs. And I am going out for breakfast with my brother at 10am tomorrow - so if the rain hasn't cleared my car out enough by then - I WILL have to shovel - but I'm going to leave it until the absolutely last minute. My motto has always been - "why do today what you can do tomorrow?" Especially when there's rolling in snow that can happen in the backyard?

My beautiful shed tells the tale of the already slightly sullied back yard pristine snow scene.... Posted by Picasa

Teddy, Charlie and Daisy just hanging out... Posted by Picasa

But I had to do a close-up of Teddy because he looked so cute all covered up in snow! Posted by Picasa

And then there's the requisite perfect shot of Charlie being perfect.... Posted by Picasa

and Buttercup looking perfect... Posted by Picasa

and Daisy looking happier than a pig in shit... Posted by Picasa

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