Friday, December 9, 2005

Do you think this is too weird?

I make Christmas cards for people who want me to make Christmas cards for them with their dogs on them - and I made a Christmas card for a friend of mine as a Christmas present - who is a little bit of a different kind of person, and I feel pretty confident he doesn't read my blog very often so he won't see this. But anyway - he's a person of a different sort, and I've been trying to think of a good Christmas card to make for him and I was searching around for pictures to put on his Christmas card and I came upon this picture of a Christmas tree. It's a picture from a Katrina blog - it's a fake tree with mardi-gras decorations on it that was blown onto some New Orleans street like tons and tons of other garbage was and someone took a picture of it and called the picture "xmas-tree" - so when I did a Google Image search it came up as "xmas-tree". And it looks kind of festive I thought.

Don't you think? With the picture of his dogs on the front? The pictures of his dogs are photos that I took myself. And then on the inside of the card it says "Wishing you lots of Good things to pee on this Christmas!"

I personally think it's bloody brilliant. No one will know it's a Katrina Christmas tree but me. That it's a tree that's in the middle of an amazing amount of chaos. It sort of almost looks like a normal Christmas card. But it totally is not. I love that. And that is exactly what this person is. Looks almost normal on the outside. But totally is not. I'm giving him 100 cards.

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