Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Happy Birthday Charlie & Siblings!

Around November 1st is when Charlie and all his eleven (!) siblings were born - in 1998. So I always consider today his birthday. So today was his 7th birthday. Below is a picture taken at Bissett Park in Cole Harbour when he was 3 1/2 months old shortly after I got him. I love this picture - it shows the dog he's going to be - deep, soulful, but he's obviously just been chewing and playing with some dead grass and his ears are all crooked. And look at his huge feet! When he was 3 months old he was 30 pounds. He turned out to be a 110 pound 1/2 lab 1/2 sheltie and the perfect dog. The best companion any human could ask for - people stop on the street and look at his face because he's got such a kind gentle face.

One of my coworkers refuses to believe he's a boy dog - she says if he's a boy he must be gay because his face is just way too gentle to be a boy. Although you might not agree when he's giving hell to a puppy or chasing a cat - he's all business then. But even then he's still the perfect dog because that's also what dogs are supposed to do - that's why I let him do those things - puppies need to know that they aren't supposed to bite the noses of adult dogs - and it's better for Charlie to tell them than an un-neutered dalmation who hasn't been properly socialized. Then their owner will learn a sad lesson.

But anyway - happy birthday Charlie, Leonard, Solie, Brody (nee Philip), Zorro, Beethoven, Conrad - and the other 5 who have been lucky enough to have not made it into the rescue system (or not that I've known anyway!)

And here's a picture taken on Sunday at Crystal Crescent beach - I think Charlie's saying - "hey - you're not taking ANOTHER picture, are you!"

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