Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What has happened to Crystal Crescent beach?

These 2 shots are of Crystal Crescent beach when I was there in the last few days - they are of a part that I don't usually go to - the part where all the families and children and tourists go to - the part that's supposed to have the nice beachy, touristy part. I was blown away. I haven't been to that part of Crystal Crescent in years because of the dogs - I go in way further down and hike along the rocks and there's a lovely sandy beach that we go to that there's never anyone at and me and the dogs have a lovely time. (by the way - it's at the OPPOSITE end of where the naked people are - I like to keep my clothes ON).

So imagine my surprise when we hiked over and saw that the beach is no longer white sand - but tons of little rocks and seaweed now - I couldn't believe it. The character of the beach has totally changed. There's still a stretch of white sand - but it's nothing like it used to be. The sun bathers must really have to lay close together now in order to lay on soft sand in the summer time. That must suck for them.

On a good note there was a lot of beach glass which I love - and I found a buoy while I was over there - see picture below! Yea! So I think we may hike over there again and hunt for some more beach glass - there's not too many beaches we go to that have beach glass. That was super. But I did feel bad for tourists.

The shot at the very bottom is a typical scene that I'm used to at Crystal Crescent. Rocks and sea spray - that's what I like most about the place!

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