Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Power of Personality

I've bought my ticket for this weekend's "Ceilidh for Critters" Benefit Concert to benefit the Animal Rescue Coalition and Bide A Wile Shelter. I didn't go last year - so it BEHOOVED me to buy a ticket this year.

Now I just have to decide which animals to take with me. Do I take the little one who likes to attack other dogs, or do I take the little ones who likes to attack people, or do I take both of them? Or do I take the big one who likes to attack people and dogs - sort of combining both qualities of the little ones... or do I take a big dog who has none of those qualities and is perfect in every way and I'd have a perfect evening - leaving the 3 highly imperfect dogs at home... or do I take all 4 dogs with me? I definitely wouldn't be bored - and no one within a - probably 20 foot range would be bored either! haha! Boy, that would be so much fun. For some reason people cannot handle the level of love that my guys like to give out though... I don't know why. I thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe the more correct word would be chaos.

I'm pretty sure the event is dog friendly. I'm sure someone will correct me before Saturday anyway - they've got my $20 regardless! But I don't know, the veiled threat of me showing up with ALL my dogs might make any event turn non-dog friendly...

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  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Heya's miss personality here :)

    You are so funny!

    You can't bring dogs to this event I'm afraid. The LN has just made the exception that the Lietash Demo Dogs can appear and get out early. The rest of us will have to be satisfied with talking about their dogs (and cats).

    But in the future we can likely do a different type of event where critters can also attend.

    I sure hope to see you anyway. You will survive without your pooches for a few short hours :)