Thursday, October 6, 2005

I started a new blog last night

It's no secret that I like to go for garbage walks. I like to surf the top layer of other people's garbage.

I don't do any digging or anything, but if something is laying there that someone has put out that I like, I'll take it home with me. I've gotten some great stuff.

People for some reason feel ashamed about it and would never - either do it, or admit to doing it - and when some people come to my house and I very proudly tell them where I've gotten a lot of my most prized possessions from - they belittle me and my stuff. Which pisses me off to no end because for some reason they succeed in making me feel small - when in fact THEY are the ones who are small because they can't see the greater good of the whole thing.

There's a whole philosophy attached to not sending these perfectly perfect items that perhaps just need a nail or some glue or a new way of looking at them, and just because someone else considered them garbage certainly does not make these items so.

I'm not going to waste my time retyping what's been said in lots of other places though - so instead I'm just going to give you the link to my new blog - it's called " Dogkisser's Sweet Dumpster Finds" - and it's going to be a photo blog of all the great stuff I find in other people's garbage.

It's probably mostly going to include stuff I DON'T bring home though - because I don't have any space - it's going to just be pictures of all the great stuff that I pass by on a daily basis that I SHOULD bring home because it's so damn good!

My dream job is to be a dumpster diver. I would love to just drive around on garbage night picking up all the great stuf I see and bringing it home and fixing it up and then reselling it. That would be sweet. I have a friend who says that she always goes out for garbage walks like me but she never sees anything good - and I couldn't understand why until we went for a garbage walk together - it's because she doesn't want to have to fix anything! Well duh! You aren't going to get stuff that you can go to Sears to get! That's not the point!

You're going to get beautiful old stuff that still has the original cracked paint that some people pay EXTRA for! haha! Crazy people like me!

So anyway - now I've got one more spot to park my silly insanity...

Oh yeah - that picture at the top is a shipping box I found in someone's garbage on Shirley Street - it must've been a shipping box for some big piece of machinery - it says on the outside "amplifier oscillator". It's a perfect box for storing a little bit of my fabric stash.

And if you want to learn more about the "philosophy" behind dumpster diving - I posted some links on the right hand side of the page on my new blog :)

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  1. i saw a debbie travis facelift show (home improvement show).
    a young couple who lived in TO
    once a week they would go out,they knew the garbage days, after midnight, wearing miner's helments (lights on top).
    they scavenged for antiques and the like, that people have throw out.
    beautiful stuff they find.
    bring it home sometimes repair then sell it.
    we are such a throw away society