Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another week has gone by...

It's mostly because I've been having a rat crisis so I've been spending most of my non-dog time in with them. Something has happened and their cage has started giving off the worst odour you can imagine - my uncle has a kennel in his garage where 4 dogs live their entire lives - and those 3 little rats have made my entire house smell like that garage - even though the cage appears spotless. And I have no idea what I've done wrong - but I do know that Poppy has become just super dominant and totally chases me around the cage trying to bite me the whole time I'm in there - so I don't know - can rats spray? Like cats do?

Tonight when I was in there I was giving them carrots and Poppy had no interest in the carrot except for the fingers that were at the other end and taking a chunk out of them. I guess you could say she is the anti-thesis of hand tamed!

But anyway - on the weekend we went to the beach when it was pouring rain and Buttercup was very funny - she only lasted on the ground about 10 minutes before she wanted to be picked up and carried. Teddy on the other hand had a blast! He was running around like crazy. I think it might've been because I put a coat on him - I think he loves wearing clothes - he LOVED having that coat on.

Here's a couple pictures of Buttercup in her tote-a-tot - one of the best things I've bought:

Doesn't she look horribly impressed with being outdoors on such a lovely day?

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I love your dog carrier and the dog inside too!