Thursday, September 22, 2005

Teddy Does Crystal Crescent

We've been to Crystal Crescent with Teddy now. He proved himself to be the quite the trooper - climbing over the rocks with us even though he's really small. Only for the last 20 minutes or so did he ask to be carried, which I thought was pretty good.

I got a super picture of Charlie rolling in seaweed - such great abandon! We always have so much fun at the beach.

This shot shows Buttercup initiating play with Teddy!

I Love how Teddy's ears flop up and down when he runs! Posted by Picasa

Charlie saying - "I'm in HEAVEN!"

110 pounds of pure esctasy... Posted by Picasa

Here Buttercup is getting even with all the seaweed that's been mean to her throughout her life...

The only good seaweed is dead seaweed! Posted by Picasa

Teddy being contemplative:

A wind swept ewok Posted by Picasa

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  1. Buttercup vs. the Evil Seaweed!
    What a cute picture! Love your site.