Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I have found heaven on earth for walking the dogs!

A couple weeks ago I was driving home from Rainbow Haven - and when I'm driving I've always got one eye peeled for possible places to walk the dogs (while still keeping all my attention on the road of course! haha! - isn't that right Lori!) - and also keeping an eye out to see if anyone has put anything good out in their garbage too....but that's another story. I was driving down the Cow Bay Road for the first time, which is really weird because I would've thought I'd driven down that road dozens of times, but for some reason I had never driven down that actual section of Cow Bay Road that I was currently on and - WHAM - I am suddenly driving past the most gorgeous section of gravel waterfront I can imagine. I LOVE rocks. I love walking on rocks. And then all of a sudden I see a small parking lot that looks like it might lead down to where I can WALK ON THE ROCKS I'M DRIVING BY!!!!

So I pull into that parking lot and there's a couple cars parked there and there's this honking huge moose statue right there, and I get out of the car with the dogs and there's some surfers packing up their cars and I say "what is this place? I thought I knew where all the beaches were locally and I've never seen this place or heard of any beach on Cow Bay Road?" and surfer buddy says "We just call it "The Moose".

It was a super foggy day and me and the dogs had already been at Rainbow Haven for about an hour and a half so we just walked down to the beach - which is all rocks for a bit and I just looked around and went - WOW - this place is awesome! I have got to come back here! And we went back up to the parking lot and I took some pictures of the moose and we went home.

Today we went back to the beach and I have to say WOW again. The place is huge. You can walk and walk and walk. The beach goes on forever. It's a super long beach and it's really open - so it's a perfect spot for dog owners like me who have one or more dogs who aren't completely dog friendly so we have lots of time to leash the dogs up before we come upon other beach revellers.

And there's also lots of different terrain - there was marsh, rocks and beach - so lots of different stuff to role in and play on - I tell you - this place was perfect! I am totally in love with this place.

Oh yeah - and there were also surfers there. They were very cute - they were all lined up out in the water just waiting for waves to happen - today there was a line-up of about 6 of them out there just waiting for a wave to happen. The waves were pretty good though. It's probably a good spot for them. And hopefully they're as laid back as the legend that precedes them because me and the dogs are going to be going back there regularly!

Here's some links that I found - this one shows some history of the beach and a picture taken of the place in the 1950's: and this one is about the damage done to it during Hurricane Juan - it's also got some neat pictures:

Here's some pictures of the perfection that I found today:

The first view you see when you walk down from the parking lot... Posted by Picasa

What you see when you look to the left... Posted by Picasa

I'm also trying to get the perfect picture of Buttercup running toward me - I haven't done it yet, but hopefully I'll get it soon - you wouldn't believe how cute it is when she's doing it - it's indescribable - the joy of it:

Here's one try Posted by Picasa

Here's another... Posted by Picasa

God, if only this one would've come out clear! It was after this that I upped the pixels on the camera! Posted by Picasa

Here's a picture of the moose statue that I took a couple weeks ago when we first visited the beach:

"We just call it "The Moose, Man" Posted by Picasa


  1. I lived in eastern passage most of my life and always went to the moose.

    Great little spot because its not really a beach for swimmers. Mostly dog walkers and surfers.

  2. Heather from Cole Harbour4:00 PM

    Have you guys been by lately? Two huge private homes on either side of The Moose and the parking lot is no longer just gravel, its completely landscaped with parking spaces and fences. Kind of weird that HRM permitted private developers to build right there...Raised in Cole Harbour and went there so many times. My sister used to party on that beach. The development made me upset!! It's too bad nothing lasts forever.