Monday, August 1, 2005

We took a trip up to the Annapolis Valley Today!

We had to deliver an order of liver up to Suzanne at Mountain Dog Lodge today so once we had dropped that off we asked Suzanne if there was any good place to go for a run and she suggested a beach at the end of the Avonport Road and gave me really easy directions on how to get there. After getting hopelessly lost because I missed the road she had told me to take - and so it taking me an extra 45 minutes to get to the beach - we had an absolutely wonderful time running around mud flats and red dirt with no one around because it was cloudy with a few drops of rain falling intermittently.

(As an aside - Suzanne is taking my liver with her to the Pawrates of the Atlantic Flyball Tournament in Lunenburg which is going on from August 3-7th - so if you're going - make sure you visit her table and pick up some liver!! Only $4 a bag!! haha!)

See pictures below of our wonderful time.

You know what was really weird about the beach there though? There was absolutely NO garbage there. No tampon applicators, no Tim Horton cups, no pop bottles, not even any garbage from fishing boats - like oil containers or shot gun shells - I have NEVER encountered a beach as free from garbage and bottle pieces as that beach was. Ever. It was really weird. And refreshing. But there was also no buoy booty or rope either :)

A long shot of the dyke we were walking on Posted by Picasa

A very early sign growing up that I was going to have a horrible sense of humour - I grew up in Amherst, Nova Scotia - the town is basically built on a marsh and surrounded by dykes so that it doesn't flood and get covered by water regularly. So when I was a kid - and don't ask me how I knew this - but when I was a kid I used to say "you know - Amherst wouldn't exist - except for dykes". Get it? Man, that used to make me laugh.

Part 1 of the wrestling match on the mud flats of the tidal bore we got muddy on... Posted by Picasa

Part 14 of the wrestling match... Posted by Picasa

Part 22 of the wrestling match! Posted by Picasa

Buttercup has decided she doesn't want to be a white dog anymore... Posted by Picasa

She wants to be as red as the Avonport Beach outside of Wolfville Nova Scotia can make her! Posted by Picasa

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  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Glad you found the beach Joan lol! So you took a wrong turn, no biggie, the mud was worth it haha! ;)

    Great pics! :)