Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My 3rd Post to Hfx-General

I'm starting to get annoyed at them. One of the posters - firecat (who I know from Point Pleasant Park) and Heather Morrison - are great posters and I always love their posts. But some of the goombahs there are becoming very grating. I think that the trolls have gotten ahold of me and I need to just let it go...

Spacemarine2 said: “Well, I think you have pointed out to all of use just who you are and what you represent. I really don't have to say anything in rebuttal as you have pretty much summed yourself up nicely for everyone... but what the heck:
I did not say that pitbulls do not have the right to live on the earth! Where did you get that from? I am saying that they do NOT belong in SOCIETY. They are NOT able to be domesticated. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I am curious why you don't run down to the local zoo and grab a newborn leopard or lion cub to raise as you see fit. Go on, ignore the SINCERE wishes and rights of society. You make me laugh. Are you sure you are not related to Sigfried and Roy? Because man oh man, you need a reality check. Don't kill off all the breeds that can't be domesticated - put them in zoos! BECAUSE THATS WHERE THEY BELONG. Intentional and "accidental" (instinctual attacks) will be eliminated this way. Behind bars. I don't care if you have chosen your potential killer dog as a lifelong pet - you live in a SOCIETY with all the benefits derived from such. Right now you are a nuisance and soon a criminal. If you want to live "forever in bliss" with your childkiller, may I respectfully say - GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE, AND MOVE TO A NICE, SECLUDED AREA WHERE YOU CAN BE ONE WITH YOUR PITBULL. That is, until he decides to snap your neck when you aren't looking. I can see the headlines now: "The DINGO ate her. But she had a smile on her face."
Please leave. The park is along the right track, but I mean move WAY out. Like the Yukon or something. You don't like children, yet you live in society. You prefer dogs. Wild dogs. What part am I missing? Here's an idea - go see that new movie about bears - the guy who lived with them for awhile thinking that they were his friends. There is a surprise ending for you. HINT: He won't be kissing bears anytime soon. And lastly a tip for you, don't bring religion into your posts; it makes you look lazy. “
Mr Space Marine, who are you? I was referring to a post made by Donna Whitman I thought…. Are you Donna Whitman? If you are, then I apologize, but that’s who I was answering a question for in your quote that you are replying to in the above paragraph – so I’m sure why you’re so upset with me – but I would LOVE to say a little bit about your reply – you are obviously a HUGE dog-hater, and are either extremely afraid of dogs or never owned one in your life, which I’m truly sorry for. But either way – your blather isn’t going to gain any insights either way into the conversation so I’m not going to acknowledge it anymore. A troll is a troll and unfortunately you’ve shown yourself as one far too early in the game. Sorry. All I can do is laugh.

Guyt said: “Well I have had enough of the lovefest for child killing dogs. Quotes like: "in almost every case of a dog killing a child, it was because the adults were NOT supervising dangerous situations" (What about the child? What say do they have in being killed? Must everything with you be either dog or adult? Think about the kids for just one second - CAN YOU DO THAT?) “

The question I ask when children are mauled to death by dogs that have been unsupervised is 2 fold – where were the dog’s owners – but I also ask – where were the children’s parents? Why is that question never asked? Why is always completely and totally the dog owners fault? I always think that there are 2 adult humans to blame – the dog’s owner and the CHILD’S PARENT – for letting that child go out unsupervised. When a child is killed by a dog there is no question that it is a huge tragedy in many different ways – with the biggest one being the death of the child – but that child’s parent is grossly negligent and MUST be called to task and NEVER IS. And WHY NOT?

“Guyt also said: You must realize that what is happening is something that did not happen overnight, but is coming to
fruition over decades of sad events and research. Sure, you have your pockets of resistance like this cute little meeting of yours, but unfortunately for you, and fortunately for society - you will be pushed back over time, like the public smokers and the people of racial and sexual intolerence. Your time is over. Buy a nice aquarium. Focus on human interaction, instead of wallowing in your own sense of what is just. If you don't want to, that's fine - but don't force your will on a society who doesn't want it. MOVE. Out in the city somewhere. I don't mean to be rude, but hey, I ask smokers to butt out when it bothers me
in public places; and I am backed BY THE LAW. Get used to it.”

I’m sorry to say Mr Guyt that I think you’ve got it backwards – at least in North America – statistics say that more and more people are having less and less children and are choosing to have dogs as their companions – so this is only going to get worse for you dog-haters – not better. So you better fasten your seat belt – and maybe you might want to think about moving – because there are 1000’s of people in the Halifax Regional Municipality who own dogs and there is a VIBRANT, ACTIVE, POLITICAL, articulate, well-educated, well connected – and well-networked community of dog owners in this city who have decided that we don’t want to live by rules developed by people like YOU anymore. We want to develop rules and laws that are fair and equitable to EVERYONE – and that includes people who ride bicycles, people who own dogs, people who walk on sidewalks, and people who ride in wheel chairs. So I’m sorry to say Mr GuyT – you might want to buy yourself a dehydrator and start preparing your bug-out kit now.

But to sum up – the vigil this Sunday isn’t really about pit bulls – it’s about ALL dogs – it’s about YOUR dog. It’s about respect for dogs. Just this thread has shown how many people don’t respect dogs – how many “dog-haters” are out there. Sunday is an opportunity to come and show that you love YOUR dog enough that you don’t want to see THOUSANDS OF DOGS DIE NEEDLESSLY. And that you are going to be brave enough in the coming months to bear witness to what is going to happen in Ontario – to the genocide that’s going to happen (sorry Wonkey for using another proprietary word). Please don’t let all these posts let the original post fade away the original intent of the message – Sunday at 8pm there’s going to be a vigil at Point Pleasant Park at the Gazebo which is up the hill from the Shakespeare by the Sea Offices. You can download a poster to find out more info at http://users.eastlink.ca/~joansinden/halifax_dog_vigil.pdf

It’s also now become a world-wide event – you can go to http://dogpolitics.typepad.com/my_weblog/2005/08/my_dog_votes_so.html - to find out more about that.



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