Saturday, August 27, 2005

The most important website to come about about bill 132 -!

The only way to end the suffering is to take away all their tourist dollars! Posted by Picasa

I got an email this morning - a press release announcing a new website - - and it's all about bill 132 and the dangers to the dogs of Ontario and anyone who wants to travel to or through Ontario - and it says very directly to everyone - do NOT come to Ontario!

"Don't visit Ontario - more dogs will suffer"

They also are selling awesome t-shirts with targets on them that say - targeted for disrimination. What an idea. Isn't that sad?

On another note, I'm hoping to have enough time between now and the vigil tomorrow night to make a bandanna for Charlie that says "BSL stinks worse than poop!" That would be neat.

I didn't notice at first the link on the Ontario bites to - I just assumed it was the work of them because it was so brilliant (and I assume all brilliant things come from them!) - but once I looked more carefully I saw the link - so now it makes perfect sense and answered my question of where that website has come from! And verified my belief even further about and Marjorie Darby - haha!

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