Friday, July 15, 2005

Daisy was being camera shy tonight

We went to Crystal Crescent beach tonight - the light there sometimes is so weird. The pictures always come out absolutely ethereal and I always have them on the same settings as everywhere else I take them. It's pretty neat. Daisy didn't want to have her picture taken tonight, but Buttercup and Charlie were being very obliging - but the deer flies were wicked - and I'm slightly allergic to them, so we kept moving. No picture that I took came out clear though because I had a headache today so I guess I must have been shaking too much to hold the camera still. Too bad because the shots would have been beautiful otherwise. Oh well... here's one of them that I took plus a picture of my buoy booty haul for the day:

Crystal Crescent tonight Posted by Picasa

My buoy booty haul tonight... Posted by Picasa

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