Monday, July 25, 2005

Buoy Booty Find in the middle of the city!

We went walking down at the Dingle tonight and lo and behold I saw buoy booty just about a metre out from the shore at a part of the park where no one would walk because it's all walky and there's no walkway! I took some pictures that you can see below that they're toggle buoys - I think there may be a whole buoy attached to them just under the surface of the water - they may be stuck to a bunch of mussels - the harbour is just completely FULL of mussels - I guess they must thrive on raw sewage. I couldn't get to them tonight because I didn't have my rubber boots on and the rocks were really slippery because it was raining and I probably would've broken some bones trying to get to them. So I'll go back for them in the next few days with proper foot wear. Gives me something to look forward to. I can't wait. I also got a very cute picture of Buttercup tonight that I thought I'd share. I gave her a new haircut yesterday and cut the hair up around her ears - she almost looks like a jack russell now - if a jack russell had a very flouncy tail I suppose! She looks even MORE terminally cute if that's possible.

Buttercup sporting the wet look with her new haircut Posted by Picasa

A long shot of my intended quarry... Posted by Picasa

So close and yet so far... Posted by Picasa

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