Sunday, July 10, 2005

Another Sunday, Another gathering of the family

There has been family visiting from away for the last little while. Last week me and Buttercup and the rest of the family drove down to Shelburne to meet up with everyone and today we went to my parents cottage to have supper with everyone. It's very exciting when everyone gets together - especially because part of the family who's visiting include a child - the only one in our whole family at this late stage - a great grand-child to my parents. So every meeting is extra poignant because they come from so far away and our family is so small.

So we try to be on our best behaviour - there are some of us who have very bad senses of humour and others who feed us absolutely beautiful lines that are SO hard to pass up. SO hard, but for the good of the family we try. But it's hard. Anyway - here's a couple pictures from today's festivities:

Bring me a bucket! Posted by Picasa

Have you ever seen anything this cute in your entire life? Please - I ask you? Can you deny this face anything? Especially when she's got buttercups in her hair and her name is Buttercup? Posted by Picasa

Okay, this is also quite cute - but that may be because she is related tome by blood - but the little white dog next to her is ALSO VERY cute! The face painting came from the Lunenburg Craft Festival today Posted by Picasa

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  1. the ontario candle light vigil will be at Queens park
    sunday August 28
    8 pm