Friday, March 25, 2005

How Do You Pick When You Have Such A Good Picture Day?

We went to Crystal Crescent Beach this afternoon and I got so many good pictures I couldn't decide which pictures to choose to post - there's still a bunch more super pictures I could've put here. They were on fire today - it was bloody cold and we had a lot of fun. Right at the end though it was a bit dicey. There's a little lake right behind one of the beach areas we walk by and there were a bunch of ice floes on it and one of the ice floes was a duck. Daisy saw the duck and nothing else and decided to go for it and suddenly found herself in the middle of the lake - and she HATES water. So she's standing out in the middle of the lake and she's not moving because she's surrounded by water and she knows it. I was completely freaked out - but thanks to the power of dehydrated liver she came back - and she even fell into the lake. Poor Daisy. I'm lucky she didn't panic and start to drown - but could a dog have drowned? I don't know. I hope she won't be going onto ice floes anymore though!

The perfect model shows me again why he is who he is - shot #1 for the sitting... Posted by Hello

And then shot #2 - he's giving me his koogly - I'm very deep and wise look here... Posted by Hello

Buttercup was completely full of beans today - well she's always full of something and getting us in trouble! Posted by Hello

There is nothing better in this life than watching dogs roll in stinky stuff - except maybe for being the dog who's doing the rolling! Posted by Hello

A picture of Leonard passing through the camera lens - a rare occurence! Posted by Hello

And finally - a picture of Leonard and Charlie looking out at the ocean together - maybe for the last time... Posted by Hello

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