Friday, February 4, 2005

Wrestling doesn't only happen at the dog park!

Wrestling doesn't only happen at the dog park! Posted by Hello

This is Charlie and Daisy in the middle of the living room having a go at some wrestling. It's mostly mouth action when it's inside the house - thank dog. I don't think the lamps could handle too much more than that. It's mostly a call to action for me - it's a large scale - WE WANT TO PLAY - GET SOME TOYS SO WE CAN PLAY! And I usually relent and we start to play.

Each dog gets a toy and I play tug of war with each dog. Have you ever played tug of war with 4 dogs at once? There's an art to it, let me tell you.

You'd think that in a multi-dog household that they'd be able to entertain each other - but what happens is that you just have multiple eyes staring at you looking at you to entertain THEM. Maybe I did something wrong at some point but that's how it is in my house. But I suppose you get what you ask for. Live would be pretty boring without them. I can't imagine how people can live with only 1 dog - how do they do it? I need way too much love for that.

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