Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's gotten bloody cold

Snow pant central Posted by Hello

I do not like the cold. So the snow pants, heavy duty coat, boots, head gear, and extra sweaters have come out of storage for the rest of the winter for our nightly jaunts to Seaview. Buttercup has a bag that I bring for her that's lined with arctic fleece but she prefers to just go inside the coat like in this picture. I think it also makes her feel secure. I got those Snowpants - Columbia snowpants! - for $20 at Value Village - which is a dog friendly store to boot! (at least the Bayer's lake store is, I've never tried the Dartmouth one - which I should try because that's a good one too.

We've been going to Seaview really late at night when no one else is there because I was finding that having 5 exhuberant dogs arriving en masse was really freaking people out. So if someone wants to arrive while we're there that's THEIR problem - but to arrive while other people are trying to have their own good time was starting to wear on me. At least until I can build up my fighting energy anyway. I'm currently a little short on cajones.

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