Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My online confession to my parents

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Earlier this week my Dad made me promise that I would NOT adopt a littermate of Charlie and Leonards that was at the Dartmouth SPCA. I said something like I promised that he would never have to meet the littermate of Charlie and Leonard, and then I might have something said something else, and then I said what I always said when stuff like this comes up - it's all his fault that I have all these animals anyway - he's the one who's taught me everything I know about compassion. He's the one who I always saw drinking water to hide the fact that he was crying at sad commercials. He's the one who never took me fishing when I was a kid because he couldn't bear the fact that once you reeled in the fish you had to hit it over the head to kill it. I have never once in my life ever been fishing. He gave me glimpses of what absolute true compassion was and I have just tried to emulate it a little bit. So really, I am blameless.

And then there's my mother who whenever I talked about the reason I never wanted to have children was because I didn't want to relegate myself to an eternal cycle of poverty always said "you always find the money somewhere". I've just transfered that over to animals.

There's a saying in rescue - and I'm not saying I'm a rescuer, because that's a very noble word - and I'm just a pet owner who's working at becoming an eccentric old woman - but there's a saying that goes - there's always room for one more. I was never told directly that Molson was going to be killed - he wasn't on the euthanization list for this week - but he had been deemed unadoptable because he had shown he had some issues, and someone affiliated with the shelter described me adopting Molson today by saying "I was taking him out of harms way". That's what I've done Mom & Dad.

I had already considered him to be a member of my family because he's a littermate of Charlie and Leonard - so he was already a member of your family too. I think when you look at the pictures below you'll agree. And if you meet him you'll see that he's had a much different life than they've had. You didn't meet Daisy when I first got her, but right now he's a lot like she was when I first got her - except that he's calm like Charlie. And he's been here about 4 hours and hasn't tried to start a fight with anyone yet. But he's skin and bones with hair like straw and eyes that are haunting. Just like Daisy was. Check back in 10 months and you won't recognize him. You love Daisy now don't you? I'm hoping that he'll bond with Leonard. She needs a boyfriend because Daisy and Charlie's love affair is so deep - it would be good for her.

I hope you aren't too too mad. It can't be as bad as when you found out I was smoking cigarrettes.

I really hope I can bring him with us when I come for pizza. Let me know if I can. If you don't want me to bring him I can leave him at home. But he really is something to behold. And it would be neat to see him now and then in 6 months when you come home.

After all, you know I never do what I'm told and I'm totally incorrigible. And he really needs us.

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