Friday, November 12, 2004


Molson's fitting in pretty well. Charlie's doing what he does to every new dog - won't let him in whatever room we're in and stuff like that - but it's more funny than scary. I've been having to do everything with one hand because Molson wants his head scratched all the time. He's needing a lot of love. So I'm pretty much just giving it to him. The other dogs - and especially Daisy - are being very solicitous. Except for Buttercup - if he gets too close to her bed on the table, or too close to her spot on my lap she's all business. And there's still no getting on the bed as far as anyone but me's concerned. The bed is the last place he'll be able to get. That place is s-p-e-c-i-a-l. Right now Charlie won't even let him in the room.

The only thing that's really different about Molson are the condition of his fur, the condition of his teeth - and his bark. He's got a low husky bark. I think he's barked a lot more in his life than my guys have. Probably for hours and hours at a time. He seems happy to only bark to join in with the others currently, though. I hope it keeps up!

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