Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Maggie Carruthers - the Animal Communicator was over

Maggie having a talk with Daisy Posted by Hello

I love Maggie - I like to have her over whenever I get a new dog - it always helps with the transition and I think it helps the old dogs feel more comfortable with the new dog - and helps the new dog feel more comfortable here because Maggie is able to somehow transmit to them that they're now in a safe place and they're not going anywhere and they don't have to worry anymore. And then as people start scoffing at that I also say that she does "therapeutic touch" as well - so if all that is hocus pocus I get my money's worth with the therapeutic touch at the very least! Isn't that right, Maggie! haha! So it's win-win all around!

It always takes Leonard at least an hour to calm down when she's here - for some reason Leonard is always absolutely frantic - and anyone who's seen Leonard when a visitor come to the house would say she's always like that - but with Maggie she's 100 times worse - it's like as if she's terrified Maggie's going to get inside her head or something so she tries to cover it up with demanding her to play.

I have no memory at all of what Maggie and I talked about Friday night - due to the fact that I currently have no memory of anything anyway - but I remember that it was very good while it was happening and the dogs enjoyed themselves, and Buttercup especially seemed to have a good time. Charlie outdid himself once again - he has empathic qualities - both Maggie and I think he believes one of his major reasons for being here is to help other dogs heal themselves - and he's done a fabulous job so far! He's got to work his magic on Philip now - which will be extra special since he's like his mirror twin.

I have Maggie listed on my Resources page on my website at if you want to check it out or you can email her at

Charlie likes to help Maggie when she comes over! Posted by Hello

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