Saturday, November 27, 2004

I received an amazing (ly sad) email on Thursday

I belong to a great Yahoo group called Episcoveglist that I joined when I was trying to find information about Buddhist funerals for animals - I came upon a super blog called Episcoveg done by a lady named Sue Grisham. The list is manned mostly by Episcopalians but they let other people in too - I got an email from them the other day that had a link to a blog with an entry that you've got to go to.

It's called "He Died for your sins" - once you get there you'll know why you had to go there. The blog is called Poor Mojo Newswire. The whole blog is excellent and I'll be adding it to my list of blogs on the left.

At the bottom of the email was the signature of the sender which I thought was also super - it said:

"Animals are God's creatures, not human property, nor utilities, nor resources, nor commodities, but precious beings in God's sight....
Christians whose eyes are fixed on the awfulness of crucifixion are in a special position to understand the awfulness of innocent suffering. The Cross of Christ is God's absolute identification with the weak, the powerless, and the vulnerable, but most of all with unprotected, undefended, innocent suffering."

The Revd Professor Andrew Linzey, PhD, DD

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