Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I hate to waste time

I lost my cell phone tonight. So I spent the evening retracing my steps to try and find it. There are few things in this world that piss me off more than having to repeat something. Whether it's having to repeat what I just said - and my former husband can attest to that, and sometimes I'd get so pissed off I'd start refusing to talk - but even when I am feeling the lowest of the low, I still can't stand to waste time. Luckily I've never considered sleeping to be a waste of time - so sleeping for 24 hours at a time doesn't bother me. But spending 5 hours looking for a cell phone and I'm about ready to have a heart attack. I did find it - at 11:30pm in the sand box at Seaview Park - it must have fallen out of it's clip as I was leaving there tonight. The men are still in their cars at that time of night - even though the park is closed to users at 10pm. I wonder how they justify their being there when the police do their drive-bys? Ugh. Anyway - I took a couple cute pictures tonight...

Duffy is a friend of mine's sisters dog - she's an 8 month old west highland white terrier that terrorizes Buttercup some nights - or is that the other way around?

Buttercup and Duffy have really started to play at night Posted by Hello

All Leonard cares about is her ball -

Leonard let me take a picture of her she was so happy to have a new hockey ball! Posted by Hello

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