Saturday, October 2, 2004

My overnight house guest

A contemplative rescue dog Posted by Hello

This is Missy - a 3 month old pit bull who I'm baby sitting overnight that was supposed to go to Cape Breton in the morning. She was dumped at a vet's office in Shubenacedie to be put to sleep but the vet refused to kill her and the people who brought her there instead abandoned her at the clinic and the vet called a rescue person who found someone in Cape Breton to foster her. She was named Missy today and dropped off to me to await her drive to Juniper Mountain tomorrow.

But I took her to Seaview Park tonight where one of the regulars fell in love and the rest is history! Can you believe someone would want a perfect 3 month old puppy euthanized? She does have a broken tail, so there might be more to her story, but temperamentally there's nothing wrong with her. Her brain and her attitude are perfect. Emotionally she's not damaged at all and whenever you pick her up she just sighs and melts.

So tomorrow at noon instead of going to Cape Breton she's going to Clayton Park. So watch out all you Seaview tight asses - here comes another pit bull!

Settling in to take a nap Posted by Hello

Missy with her new Daddy Posted by Hello

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    Bless you for your wonderful work!