Tuesday, October 5, 2004

My "Extended Multi-Species Family"

It's been all about the dogs lately so I thought I'd post a couple pictures of the rats and fish tonight. Here's a picture of Mrs Dingle in her new hammock. She really seems to be enjoying it.

Mrs Dingle in her hammock Posted by Hello

Here's Jada in her own nest box - Mrs Dingle can't fit in it so it's the place that she goes to get away from her - Mrs Dingle doesn't have anywhere to get away from Jada though, which is too bad - Mrs Dingle's the boss and is always kicking Jada out of the big nest box, so it probably works out pretty good.

Jada relaxing in her nest box - Mrs Dingle can't fit in it! Posted by Hello

Here's Mr Betta in his 20 gallon paradise that he makes very good use of. The plants are growing great guns.

Mr Betta continues to live and flourish in 7th heaven... Posted by Hello

Sometimes I swear he's looking at me... Posted by Hello

I mean he's definitely looking at me here! Posted by Hello

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