Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's happened again - A Dog Event that DOESN'T ALLOW DOGS!

A couple days ago I sent around an announcement about a demonstration that's going on this Saturday in Toronto about the proposed pit bull ban in Ontario. At that time there was no mention that it wasn't going to be non-dog friendly. But today another announcement came through from the "Dog Legislation Council of Canada" who I was initially involved with, but I had so many fights with the management because I could never bring my animals to any of the meetings - and I refuse to do anything if I can't bring at least one of my dogs with me - what's the use of doing anything dog related if it's not dog-friendly? To me it's hypocritical.

Especially things of this nature. Especially things like a demonstrations about pit bull bans. One would think that they would want all their pit bulls and bully dogs there acting like the perfect ambassadors that they would be. But the thing is that their excuse is that they don't want their dogs there because they're too scared there would be a fight and it would look bad on them. They don't want to have anything reflect badly on them. Which is bullshit. Bullshit. I can't tell you how angry this makes me every time they do this.

I fight so hard to keep dogs out of the back yard and basement and these people just give lip service to it. When it comes right down to it that's where they obviously want their dogs to be - because that's where they continue to keep their own dogs. And that's where they want you to keep your own dogs too.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was today to find out that the demonstration on Saturday is going to be a "people only" event. It would have been a perfect opportunity to show the country what lovely and well-mannered dogs pit bulls, rottweillers, am-staffs, boxers, labs, poodles, and any other dog that showed up at the demonstration - are - and how well they all got along - because they were all there with their RESPONSIBLE OWNERS.

Unfortunately we won't get to see that now. All the dogs will be at home. Alone.

I'm fucking sick.

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