Monday, August 9, 2004

Mrs Dingle is MUCH Better!

So I'd say the problem was definitely fleas! Her sores are almost completely healed up with just one application of flea powder! I'll give her another application tomorrow night which is one week after the first. The type I bought was the kind recommended by Dr. Benoit which was any type that had 5% carboryl - which was Zodiac flea powder which I bought at Global pets for $7.99 (the vet visit with the drugs and the consultation was about $120 - and it was $8.00 that cured her...imagine!)

So now I have to start thinking about a companion for her now that she's getting healthy. A breeder has been super gracious and offered to give me 2 babies from a litter that's due to be born any day, but I've been thinking about that and I don't know if I can do it. I really think that I can only take another adult who needs a home like Mrs Dingle did. Every other animal in this house came here because they had no where else to go - why should the rats be any different? I wouldn't feel comfortable taking in a non-rescue animal, truthfully. So I think I'll be contacting Pebbles rescue and waiting for something to come in through there. I hope the breeder lady will understand my change of heart.

I also moved her cage out to the living room tonight - it had been in the den/craft room - but now it's right next to the computer, so hopefully she'll like being right in the middle of everything. Hopefully it won't be too over-arousing for her and she can handle all the goings-on. It's also next to a window. If it's too much I'll put her back, but I don't want her to become too timid and afraid of stuff by being in too quiet of an area. Especially if she's going to get a sister soon!

"My, my - I've got popcorn everywhere - my favourite!" Posted by Hello

You can see now there's just bald patches with little bits of pink in the middle of them! Posted by Hello

Isn't it amazing how fast they can heal once you figure out what's wrong! Posted by Hello


  1. Ah, but the vet visit was still worth it. Who knows how much it has already benefited Mrs. Dingle.

    I totally understand the whole rescue thing - I'm that way myself - but depending on who the breeder is (crucial!) and their practices, they absolutely need our support in order to create and continue healthy genetic lines (each generation must breed, one per year at least, and pedigrees start at the third generation for reliable genetic information). Supporting these breeders, as well as the breeder's actions themselves, will hopefully prevent undesirable breeding by nincompoops who just put two rats together or otherwise seek to flood the "market."

    If the breeder is who I think it is (theratlady), she also rescues. Quite a few ethical ones do. The best of both worlds is to take a breeder baby AND a rescue. Heck, I should!

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    My friend spent clear over 200 getting invermectin shots for her guinea pig for terrible mites and the shots had no effect. I told her to use 3 drops of kitty revolution, 2 weeks later her fur was back in. funny how things work aint it.