Sunday, August 1, 2004

I have good dogs

Daisy looking at me Posted by Hello

I had to laugh tonight - once again I was walking down the street with the 4 dogs being very sedate and walking nicely on leash and someone said "my you have such nice dogs and they're so calm and nice - you're so lucky" - it's such a counterpoint to the people who see them when they're being "bad" and think I'm the worst dog owner in the world and giving other dog owners a bad name and that I have no control over my dogs.

I unfortunately for the greater world of dogs don't have them so I can control them, I have them so I can live my life with them and enjoy them. I have good days and bad days and so do the dogs. And some times those days happen in public. I love it when the good days happen in public. That's super. But I've got to admit that I've got about as much control over them being good or bad as I do over me being nice or rude. It all depends on your perception. And if you don't get that you can flock off like the birds...

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