Sunday, July 11, 2004

My letter to the Chronicle Herald about Snookums & The Animal Abuser

Correct the Allocation of SPCA's Resources

As an animal lover 2 recent stories in your newspaper sparked my
interest. They were the stories about the "dog owner fined for
neglect" (July 8, 2004) and the story "Dog purchase ends in heartache" (July 10, 2004). I found them interesting because they bring up the important topic of what the NS SPCA should be focusing it's resources on. Judge Burrill doesn't think that offenders should be funding the investigating agencies that are prosecuting them - and at the same time puppy mill brokers are allowed to dupe the public into giving them their hard earned money because the SPCA doesn't have the resources to educate the public on the absolute horror that they're supporting when they purchase their companion animals from pet stores or irresponsible breeders. The statistics bear the fact that 90% of pets sold at pet stores come from puppy mills. That is a fact, and unfortunately the pet buying public doesn't know that for some reason - and it's because agencies like the NS SPCA has to use it's money to also do the very important business of finding and prosecuting animal abusers.

I'd personally like to see more money going into the NS SPCA's coffers so that they can do all the jobs that they know are necessary - education AND investigation/prosecution. And I think that a more sizable chunk of that money should come from the animal abusers and puppy mill brokers that are convicted. That makes PERFECT sense to me!

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